Buying Procedure

The process of buying a new home

Whether you are purchasing your first home, moving up the ladder or downsizing, purchasing a new home is a big deal, which in some cases can be stressful. Our New Homes Consultants are on hand to keep your stresses to a minimum and can help you through each stage of the process.

Reservation Stage

Instruct a Solicitor

Once you have reserved your dream home, it is important that you instruct a solicitor as soon as possible to make sure deadlines are met and relevant documentation is in place. A good solicitor will ensure that you receive regular updates and relieve you of some of the house buying stress.

If you don’t already have a solicitor, our New Homes Consultants can supply you with the details of independent firms who work with us regularly. This helps to make your move as straightforward as possible, as our recommended solicitors are familiar with our process.


If you are purchasing your Castle Green home with a mortgage, you should now contact your chosen Mortgage Advisor to submit a full mortgage application and arrange for your valuation to take place.

As part of this process you will need to submit documentation such as utility bills, council tax, insurance policies, living costs and outgoings, employment (or self-employment) details, proof of benefits, proof of identification (usually a passport or driving licence) and up to 6 months worth of bank statements so make sure you have all of these ready.

Once your mortgage offer has been accepted and both you and your solicitor are happy to proceed, it’s time to sign the contract and transfer the deposit monies to your solicitor in preparation for exchanging contracts.

Build progress updates

We know you will want to be kept informed about how the construction of your new home is coming along, which is why we will keep in touch with you with regular updates. We will give you an estimated guideline of when your home might be completed, but please be aware this is our best estimate at the time and it may change as the build progresses. We will only be able to give you a definite completion date once the notice to complete has been served in accordance with the contract (this is a fixed notice period in which to legally complete the purchase of your new Castle Green Home).

Personalising your new home

Depending on the build stage of your new home, at this stage you will be able to choose from our range of kitchen units, bathroom fittings, flooring and more. In addition to our standard features you can also choose to upgrade or add extras if you wish.

Exchange of Contract Stage

Although the exchange of contracts and deposit transferral will happen between both sets of solicitors, there are a few more steps necessary before the transaction legally completes:

  • Castle Green will notify you of your potential move-in date once your home has been plastered and you have exchanged contracts.
  • When your new home is completed your New Homes Consultant will contact you to arrange a new home demonstration. During this visit you can see your new property in its entirety, also your Site Agent will talk you through the working elements of your home, as well as explain all the warranties and any other important information that you will need to know about living in and looking after your new home.
  • At this point, your solicitor will request any mortgage funds from your lender in time for legal completion.

Legal Completion Stage

This is the big day when your dream home becomes yours!

Your solicitor will legally complete the transaction, sending the necessary funds over to our solicitor on your behalf. On receipt of the funds, your New Homes Consultant will deliver you the good news that your property has now legally completed and is officially yours.

Your New Homes Consultant will then arrange a suitable time to provide you with all your warranties, instructions and meter readings, and hand over your keys to your new home.

Our care doesn’t stop once you have the keys to your dream home

There is a lot to do when you first move into your new home and we want to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. That’s why we have a handy timeline to help.

7 Days
We recommend that you take the time to fully and carefully inspect your new home as soon as you move in – and preferably before you start putting all furniture in situ. It is imperative that any chips or scratches are reported to us within the first seven days so that we can rectify these for you.

2 Weeks
Once you have been in your new home for approximately two weeks, we will arrange for a member of the site team to visit you. This is your opportunity to report any issues you have noticed whilst settling in and you will be advised whether they are covered under the warranty. Of course, for anything that requires earlier attention, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care Coordinator.

4 Weeks
You will be visited again after the first month. This will be to check that all previously indicated issues have been attended to, and to answer any further queries you may have about maintaining the property. However, as with all our scheduled visits, please do not leave it until this point to report any issues that have occurred – these can be reported at any time and should be as soon as they are discovered. This visit is simply intended as a courtesy to ensure that everything is now as it should be.

7 Weeks
Towards the end of the second month in your new home, our Customer Care Coordinator will call you and check that the local site team has attended to any outstanding defects that you had previously reported at the two or four-week checks. Once we have carried out this check, we will leave you to get on with enjoying your new surroundings!