Collaboration enables buyers to achieve the show home look

Thursday, 23rd March 2023

Castle Green Homes is giving buyers the chance to replicate the show home look under an innovative collaboration.



The homebuilder has worked with Lifestyle Interiors to create aspirational show homes for several years, and has now enlisted the help of Rowen Homes to provide furniture and accessories to inspire their customers.

The first show home under the marketing initiative is now open at Bridgewater View in Daresbury.

Castle Green marketing manager Hannah Ryle explained: “Working with Lifestyle Interiors we’re continuously pushing the boundaries of design, with social media at the forefront of the concept of our show homes. Our interiors-first marketing strategy has garnered a strong following across our social media channels. While many of our followers and visitors were keen to replicate the show home look in their own homes, the heavy price of achieving such aspirational design is financially out of reach for many.

“We wanted to change that and so enlisted Rowen Homes, who make bespoke inspired interiors affordable and accessible to everyone. We’ve designed a whole show home with their products front and centre in the design, with the unmistakeable Lifestyle touch pulling it all together. This, combined with a sizeable discount for our customers, as well as a commission structure for Castle Green, means we are able to monetise our show homes, adding a tangible income stream to the business, whilst also providing an enhanced service to our customers.”

The show home featuring the Rowen Homes furnishings is a three-bedroom Cheltenham.

Rowen Group managing director Andrew Hall said: “The fact customers can’t usually buy the products within in a show home was always something I thought could be a huge opportunity, however I understood it wouldn’t be easy to achieve. I really admire the work of Lifestyle Interiors and was aware of how progressive Castle Green are as a housebuilder, through social media. Together, we’ve seized the opportunity to collaborate to provide a more cohesive approach to the home buying process, with the first show home featuring a range of Rowen Homes products now open. The long-term goal is to offer bigger and better collaborations, offering true turnkey living for new home buyers.”

The three brands enjoy a shared passion for stunning interiors.

Gemma Schofield, managing director of Lifestyle Interiors, added: “We take pride in designing and delivering interiors that people aspire to have in their own homes. Our partnership with Castle Green Homes allows us to showcase our designs in exceptional properties, whilst teaming up with Rowen Homes makes those designs affordable and attainable to all three of our customer bases.

“When designing the Cheltenham show home, we seamlessly incorporated a selection of Rowen Home’s products with our interiors, including some brand-new items that have that true Lifestyle Interiors feel. It has been a remarkable journey watching the partnership develop from concept to completion. We’re excited to see where it takes us next.”

Along with the Cheltenham, furnished with Rowen products, there are three show homes at Bridgewater View, examples of the four-bedroom detached Wentworth, Alderton, and Heatherington house types.

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