How to make sharing a space work for your family

Many children share a room, even when they don’t have to. While for some it is a necessity, others choose to foster a strong bond between their siblings by sharing a room. There are lots of benefits to sharing that many don’t consider. The friendship, resilience and problem solving, not to mention the extra space it would allow for an at-home office or playroom.

Our newest show-home, The Marbury at Plas Issa – Bryn Y Baal, highlights the opportunity to transform one of your spacious new-build bedrooms into a gorgeous retreat for two siblings.

Well-chosen two children bedroom decor reflects the age and needs of both children. With ample storage space and the benefit of an en suite bathroom, The Marbury’s bedroom 2 allows more than enough room for two beds. A two-child bedroom is a blend of two miniature worlds, encapsulating two personalities in harmony. Subtle style choices allow for personalisation, whilst still achieving an overall design concept.

With interiors being at the forefront of many home buyers’ minds, it’s easy to prioritize aesthetic over functionality. This 4-bedroom property boasts an open-plan kitchen / diner / family room as well as a separate living area, meaning that there is plenty of space for all of their toys hidden in neat, space-saving solutions on the ground floor.

Gemma Schofield, MD of ‘Lifestyle Interiors‘, who headed the design of the Marbury show home commented,  “Although the show home is plentiful in space and most families could facilitate their children having separate rooms we knew siblings love having “sleepovers” in each other’s rooms, and with friends, these are always a great, fun bonding experience for them. Many siblings who share a room grow closer, even if they squabble Sometimes! Anxious children may actually sleep better if they share a room with a brother or sister. Also room sharing frees up extra space for guest rooms, offices or playrooms so there are lots of benefits ! We wanted to show how you can fit 2 single beds in and still get the fitted wardrobe in and plenty of space to move around, we did a cute boxed headboard made bespoke from Med and painted pale pink – this gave us a lovely shelf to dress at the back of the beds too! Sharing a headboard also gives it a sense of being easily converted back to do a double bed once the children grow older ! The bedside table in the middle gives some separation and the charming rabbit night light completes the look of this charming little girls room”.

Here’s our tips for making sharing a room work for you:

Create personal spaces – ensure both personalities are represented when designing a bedroom space as this is crucial for the children’s’ sense of belonging and ownership of their bedroom. There are many design concepts that can work in harmony, so get trawling Pinterest for ideas.

Make the room a quite zone – keeping their toys out not only avoids over-cluttering, it allows for the space to be used for sleep, reading or homework. All playdates and activities should happen in common areas of the house, allowing a space to escape.

Be patient – expecting children to adapt to change immediately is unrealistic. Sleep experts recommend a transition period of three to six weeks, but remain positive and the benefits will out-weigh the cons.

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