Tips on decluttering and how to organise your home

Thursday, 07th March 2024

Whether you’re spring cleaning your home, want to prepare your house for a quick sale or are looking for tips on decluttering ready to move home, our easy to follow guide will help you make a clean start.


Why decluttering matters


If you’ve lived in your current home for a long time, it’ll be full of items you’ve collected over that time and could make it seem overcrowded. Home decluttering can be good for the soul, helping let go of the past and look to the future. It will also help your home look its best for when it’s listed for sale and during viewings. Plus, when you’re ready to move to your new home, you’ll have less to pack and take with you.

How to declutter a house in 10 steps


  1.  Think small so you’re not overwhelmed by the size of the task is solid decluttering advice. Start with a drawer or cupboard and work up to a full room.
  2.  Decluttering will take longer than you anticipate as you’ll take a trip down memory lane but remember you don’t live in the past. If something doesn’t bring you joy or have a use, consider rehoming it.
  3.  Be methodical and sort items using labelled boxes – keep, donate, sell, store, bin, recycle. Don’t be tempted to keep “maybes” or to overfill the “store”.
  4.  Follow the one-year rule – if it hasn’t been used for a year or more you probably don’t need it.
  5.  If it’s broken or worn-out either repair it, repurpose it or let it go.
  6.  Check the dates on food, drinks, toiletries, cosmetics, medicines and batteries, amongst other things and dispose of anything out of date safely.
  7.  Ditch the duplicates unless they’re all used frequently. Items in good working order can be donated to charity shops who’ll be able to sell them on.
  8.  If your wardrobe is bursting open, it’s perhaps time to clear out anything that doesn’t fit or you’re unlikely to wear again.
  9.  Let children help decide which of their toys are kept or not.
  10.  Don’t forget spaces such as the loft, garage, shed and understairs cupboard, particularly if you’re home decluttering prior to moving.

Storage furniture


Once you’ve decluttered, you’ll need to keep your home looking neat and tidy. Storage furniture can provide a stylish solution to stowing away items you don’t want out on display. Here are some of our top picks.

  • Ottoman table – great for hiding toys and games or throws, while also providing extra seating or can be used as a foot stool.
  • Multitiered coffee table – keep your reading book on the bottom level, with a lamp on the top level
  • Ottoman or divan storage bed – either lift the mattress or open drawers to keep items such as clean bedding, beach towels or boxes of old photographs
  • Ottoman bench – ideal for bigger items, such as bedding or toys. Also makes a great window seat or somewhere to change shoes, which can then be stored in the drawers.

Home organising tips


Decluttering and organising go hand in hand. Creating a home organisation routine, with stylish storage solutions will help keep your home looking uncluttered.

• Seasonal items such as winter coats don’t need to be on show all year round. They can be stowed away in storage bags or even vacuum-packed to save on space.
• Keep kitchen work surfaces as clear as possible. Use glass storage jars to make a feature out of staples such as rice or pasta while saving cupboard space.
• Have a drawer in the vanity or your dressing table to store the items you use as part of your daily routine. A drawer tidy can help keep things looking neat.
• Baskets or packing cubes can be used to help make the most of wardrobe and drawer space.
• Digitalise your life. Scan or photograph important documents so they’re easily accessible and file away the paper versions. All the documents relating to your new Castle Green home will be available via your Willow account.


Find out more about using Willow to personalise your home, including creating a digital twin of it, here.

For more storage tips and how to create bespoke furniture for your home, read our IKEA hacks guide.

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