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Are you concerned about the rising cost of running your home? You’re not alone. By investing in an energy efficient Castle Green new build home, you could save up to £2,200* a year on your energy bills. This means you can put your savings towards making your new house a home. So, what sets Castle Green Homes apart with our energy efficient homes? Let’s see…

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Buy new and save with Castle Green Homes

You may have heard that new build homes are energy efficient, but did you know how much you can save with a new build home? According to data from the Home Builders Federation (HBF), buyers of a new build house will save on average around £2,200 a year in energy bills.

It’s not only good for your pocket but it’s also good for the planet. New build homes save a whopping 2.2 tonnes of CO2 every year by using on average 105 kWh of energy per m2 of house space compared to 252 kWh per m2 for an older property.*

Find out more about the HBF report here

10 reasons why our homes are carefully crafted for energy efficient living

1. Energy performance certificates (EPC)

Castle Green Homes prides itself on producing homes rated with A or B for energy efficiency. But did you know less than 4% of existing dwellings reach the same standard? *

Each and everyone of our homes comes with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) which includes details about your homes predicted energy use and typical energy costs.

This gives you peace of mind knowing exactly how energy efficient your new build home is. It’s just one less thing to worry about on your homebuying journey.

2. Air pressure testing in your home

Making your home energy efficient is a top priority for us at Castle Green Homes. That’s why we air-pressure test your home to comply with Building Regulations.

But what does this mean? Air-pressure testing calculates the air tightness of your new build home. The test looks for gaps, holes or cracks so that your home doesn’t have excessive air leakage. Making sure your home keeps the heat in, while keeping your costs down.

3. Our homes are highly insulated

Around 35% of heat is lost through uninsulated walls.** That’s why we build cavity walls filled with insulation to help create a thermal envelope, dramatically reducing your energy bills and keeping your home nice and warm.

4. Loft insulation

Did you know a quarter of heat is lost through the roof of an uninsulated home?*** Having a well-insulated loft will not only save on CO2 emissions but also your energy bills. At Castle Green Homes we install up to 400mm of blanket-like loft insulation helping to lock the heat in to your new build home.

5. Double glazed windows

All Castle Green new build homes come with double glazing as standard.

But what are the advantages of having double glazed windows?

• Keeps warm air in, making your new build home better insulated - resulting in fewer draughts and lower heating bills
• Keeps the noise out of your home – double glazed windows dramatically reduce outside noise allowing you to read your favourite book in peace without interruption
• Reduces the amount of condensation on the inside of your windows - lessening the chances of mould and mildew in your home
• Increases security – double glazed glass makes it extremely difficult to break in comparison to single glazing. Giving you and your family peace of mind
• Trickle vents help control airflow and maintain good indoor air quality without losing warm air inside your new build home

7. Zoned heating

Many of our homes have dual zone heating. This means you can control the upstairs or downstairs heating of your new build home. So, if you want to wake up to a warm bathroom in the morning but don’t want to waste heating in other areas of your home, dual zoned heating is perfect for you. And it saves on your energy bills too!

8. Energy efficient boilers

We install energy efficient boilers or heating systems especially suited to each of our new build homes. If you decide to choose one of our smaller homes, you can expect to have an ErP efficiency rated “A” combi boiler. Space is everything in your home, that’s why our combi boilers take up less room than some conventional boilers. Not only that but they also offer outstanding performance and low energy consumption to provide heating and hot water for your new home.

Our larger homes come with hot water tanks allowing hot water to be stored and ready for you to use whenever you need it. This means there’s no need to run your heating system constantly resulting in lower energy bills, and no surprising ice-cold showers for family members.

10. Energy-efficient appliances

At Castle Green Homes we think small details make a big difference. That's why we install low-energy light bulbs for your home. They last longer than regular light bulbs and more importantly save on energy.

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